Absolutelys not! There is no registration or sign up form. You do NOT need to provide us with any information about yourself in order to use NetKey. Just simply download NetKey app, open it and connect. Isn't it simple?

NetKey project is funded by in-app advertising. If you want to help us to keep the project up and running, then please visit our application few times a day or tell a friend about NetKey.

It is hard to say. We do not apply any limitation on NetKey connection speed, but speed always depends on many factors like distance between your device and our servers, International peering of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), etc... Speed could be 30 Mbps, but also 1 Mbps. It is always better to test the speed in your current location in order to find the best answer.

You can improve your speed by enabling sharing your current location in your location services settings ("NetKey" Would Like to Use Your Current Location - click "Ok"). Then we will be able to offer you the best connection.

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